• About

    Our mission, at Mended Soul Counseling Services, is to provide the highest-quality, culturally sensitive, ethically focused counseling services in a client-centered manner to empower clients to live their journey to the healthiest extent possible and to reduce the stigma of mental health by breaking down barriers to counseling and helping clients to find their true potential.

    The vision of Mended Soul Counseling Services is to be a trusted healthcare provider, employer, and partner in mental health services in the communities we serve.

    Our Values:

    • Integrity
    • High ethical standards
    • Diversity
    • Continuous improvement
    • Collaboration
    • Excellence
    • Transparency
    • Inclusion

    Our Commitments:

    • To provide person-centered care
    • To provide trauma-informed care
    • To continually develop our awareness of the needs of our clients, our communities and our staff
    • To develop state-of-the-art facilities, programs and information systems
    • To continuously improve the variety and quality of our services
    • To promote continuous learning among multi-disciplinary staff
    • To respect cultural, racial, religious, gender and other diversities.
    • To assist clients to improve their quality of life and reduce the stigma of mental illness